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For the event lists for the first game, see Events in Tomba!.
These events are the main objectives in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. Adventure Points is gained for both occurring and clearing events. Clearing some events is required for progression, while some are entirely optional. However, clearing all available events is required for 100% completion of the game. There are totally 133 (and 4 additional) events.
The following tables contain the titles, AP amounts and clearing instructions of all events in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.

Primary events Edit

Title AP
Occur Clear
Find Tabby! none none
Occur: Automatically commenced at the beginning of the game.
Clear: Automatically cleared at the end of the game.
Go to the Burning House! none 2,000
Occur: Activated after the introduction.
Clear: Go Straight to Kainen's burning house.
Pour the Water In! none 2,000
Occur: Activated after the "Go to the Burning House" event.
Clear: First, equip the Bucket, then to get the water you must use the seesaw that pumps it out.
Save the Crab! none 2,000
Occur: Activated after the "Go to the Burning House" event.
Clear: Give 2 Water Buckets to Kainen.
Wind it Up! none 5,000
Occur: Get the Star-shaped Cog which is on the drying net.
Clear: Talk to the fisherman by the crank and he will tell you where Ark is, then give the Star-shaped Cog to Ark.
The Crab Basket! none 2,000
Occur: Activated after the "Wind it Up" event.
Clear: Attack the winged Koma Pig and he will drop it, after that go and get it.
Collect the Golden Crabs! none 2,000
Occur: Activated after the "The Crab Basket" event or "Win's Windmill" event.
Clear: Collect all three Golden Crabs.The first you get from Kainen, the second is on top of a building and the third is by the waterfall.
Win's Windmill! none 10,000
Occur: Activated after the "Go to the Burning House" event.
Clear: Go straight to Win's Windmill.
Cools Off and Disappears! none 2,000
Occur: After entering the Pipe Area, go and talk to the first miner you see.
Clear: Pull down the first chain, the other end of it will raise the Ice Boomerang up, after that go and get the weapon.
Remove all the Cappers! none 5,000
Occur: Activated after the "Cools Off and Disappears" event.
Clear: Remove all the Cappers that are covering the pipes. Cappers are the red flaming things that sits on top of the pipes. Strike it with the Ice Boomerang and it will turn blue, then leap on it and toss it away.
Pull and Open! none 5,000
Occur: Talk to Gran whose beside the gate to Coal Mining Town or pull one of the chains leading to the gate.
Clear: Pull down two blue chains to open the gate. The first chain is in front of the gate, the other is near the Trolley Entrance. The chain near the Trolley Entrance is on fire; strike it with the Ice Boomerang first and then pull it down.
Bury it in the Sand! none 2,000
Occur: Walk into Tabby's house and talk to Gran, or try entering the Underground Machine Room.
Clear: Look for the wheelbarrow, fill it up with sand and then dump it in the hole. Do this three times.
Let's Go to Tabby's House! none 2,000
Occur: Activated after the "Pull and Open" event.
Clear: Go straight up the two sets of stairs, then find the house with the red door.
Wash the Strange Lump! none 2,000
Occur: Activated after the "Let's Go to Tabby's House!" event.
Clear: Wash the lump in the Underground Machine Room. The "Bury it in the Sand" event must be cleared first.
Look for the Hammer! none 2,000
Occur: Activated after the "Wash the Strange Lump" event.
Clear: Look for Mole's missing Hammer which is in the Trolley Entrance.
Blast the Rock! none 2,000
Occur: Activated after the "Look for the Hammer" event.
Clear: Get the Bombs from the Powder Room. It's the room with the sealed door. You will need the Hammer to activate the switch next to the door.
Get Bombs! none 2,000
Occur: Talk to Mole.
Clear: Get the Bombs from the Powder Room in Pipe Area.
Deliver to Gran! none 10,000
Occur: Activated after the "Blast the Rock" event.
Clear: Bring the Trolley Rails back to Gran. He is at the broken trolley tracks next to his house.
Capture Evil Flame Pig! none 100,000
Occur: Acquire the Evil Flame Pig Bag from Gran.
Clear: Capture the Evil Flame Pig with the use of the Evil Flame Pig Bag.
Bring the Big Sack! none 2,000
Occur: Talk to Santa Claus in side the huge chimney. There is a lump of snow over the chimney so you have to remove it first.
Clear: Acquire the Big Sack from the platform next to the frozen tower, it looks like a frozen tree so have you to remove the snow first.
Melt the Giant Ice! none 2,000
Occur: Go to the giant ice that is blocking the way to the Lift Shed.
Clear: Melt the giant ice with the use of the Fire Hammer that you acquire from Santa Claus.
Let's Take the Lift! none 5,000
Occur: Go to Lift Shed after clearing the "Melt the Giant Ice" event.
Clear: Ride the Lift after clearing the "Kujara's Favorite" event.
Kujara's Favorite! 2,000
Occur: Hit the lump of snow next to the Green Traveler and it will reveal the Mountain Peach.
Clear: Acquire the Mountain Peach in the upper part of the ranch, where the two red Kokka Birds and the seesaws are.
The Hidden Diary! none 5,000
Occur: Talk to the Green Traveler near the stack of Treasure Chests.
Clear: Go back to the Chimney where you met Santa Claus, Push the Crate and open the Red Chest and you'll acquire the Traveler's Journal.
Static Explosion! none 10,000
Occur: Talk to Pham inside the Kujara shed Or capture one Kujara.
Clear: Capture all three Kujaras and bring it back to Pham.
Raise the Ladder! none 2,000
Occur: Acquire the Hexagon Gear in one of the blocks of ice or talk to the man beside the crank
Clear: Give the Hexagon Gear to the man beside the crank.
Capture Evil Ice Pig! none 100,000
Occur: Acquire the Evil Ice Pig Bag from Pham.
Clear: Capture the Evil Flame Pig with the use of the Evil Ice Pig Bag.
Put in the Spirit's Eye! none 2,000
Occur: Use the Ice Boomerang on the ghost which is blocking the path and leap on it in the Donglin Forest.
Clear: Find all three ghost that are on fire and kill them all, but first hit them with the Ice Boomerang.
Kill the Guards! none 5,000
Occur: Activated after the "Put in the Spirit's Eye!" Event.
Clear: Eliminate the big ghost guarding the Crying and Laughing Forest. Hit it's tongue with the Hammer once he takes it out.
Take the Grapple! none 5,000
Occur: Talk to the librarian using the Grapple inside the second hut.
Clear: Find and hit all three stakes scattered through out the area to release a blue chest containing the Grapple.
More Blue for the Picture! none 2,000
Occur: Get the Blue Fruit hanging around in the Donglin Forest.
Clear: Talk to the artist inside the Artist's Atrium and give him the Blue Fruit.
Device Guards the Treasure! none 5,000
Occur: Step on the second seesaw on the first path.
Clear: Step on all the seesaws so that the second barrel on each seesaw is raised, do this on all 4 seesaws. If you made a mistake, hit the axe with the circle button on it attached to the seesaw so you can move it again.
Take note that even if the see-saw is already raised the right way, you still need to switch it on by moving it the opposite direction partially and going back to switch it the right way to open up the path.
Use Rock Crabs for Balance! 10,000
Occur: After the "Device Guards the Treasure!" event, enter the room.
Clear: Get the Rock Crab next to the adventurer's chest in the lower left side of the deep forest area, you may need to finish the "Device Guards the Treasure!" event first so that there will be a stand that will appear for you to stand on.
Capture Evil Ghost Pig! none
Clear: Find the Evil Ghost Pig's portal Under The Pipes [use the grapple] in Pipe Area. Defeat him and throw him in the Bag!
Use Pig Suit to Talk! none 2,000
Clear: Unfold The Bridge in circus town, get the key and head down to the warehouse and open the closet to take the pig suit. Talk to one of the mutated pigs.
Use the Seesaw! none 2,000
Clear: Roll the ball over the coloured seesaw then use the hammer to send the ball flying over
Let's See the Clown Circus! 2,000
Clear: talk to the clown after talking to the crying kid in the pig suit , help the clown by putting the pillow beneath him while falling .
Let's Help the Clown! none 2,000
Clear: Help the clown by putting the pillow beneath him while falling .
Lift the Lid on the Well! none
Clear: Talk to the pig sage he'll give u grass , lure the flying elephant from the warehouse to the Lid on The Well
A Pig Tribe Clown Statue! none
Clear: Take the magic spell book from the well and give it to the pig sage , and leave the rest to him .
Capture Evil Earth Pig! 100,000
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
A Mermaid in a Water Tank! 5,000
defeat one of the giant red turtle crabs and take the crystal arm to the sculpturer to give u a crystal panel for closing the hole and freeing the mermaid.
Crystal Panel Blocks a Hole! 2,000
Occur: Occurs when "A Mermaid in a Water Tank" is activated.
Clear: Go to the Crystal Craftsman which is located right above the entrance to the Water Temple, and give him the Crystal you acquired from the Red Turtle Crab. Then go back to the Mermaid inside the Water Tank to plug in the hole.
Open the Water Gate
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
The Broken-Up Mermaid Harp! 2,000
Collect the left/right harp pieces and the low pitch/hi pitch pearls
Sink the White Platform! 2,000
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: Hit the switch above you from left to right.
Wake Up the Giant Fish! none
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: Let the mermaid use the harp that you reassembled.
Find Another Reflector!
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
Capture Evil Water Pig!
Occur: Obtain the Evil Water Pig Bag.
Clear: Capture the Evil Water Pig, it's gate is located above the two Aquatic plants that had the Spoon in the middle of it.
Look for the Last Evil Pig!
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
The Evil Flame Pig Plate!
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: Destroy the Evil Flame Pig Plate with the use of the Evil Flame Pig Robe's magic. Hold down the DOWN button then press CIRCLE.
The Evil Ice Pig Plate!
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: Destroy the Evil Ice Pig Plate with the use of the Evil Ice Pig Robe's magic. Hold down the DOWN button then press CIRCLE.
The Evil Ghost Pig Plate!
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: Destroy the Evil Ghost Pig Plate with the use of the Evil Ghost Pig Robe's magic. Hold down the DOWN button then press CIRCLE.
The Evil Earth Pig Plate!
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: Destroy the Evil Earth Pig Plate with the use of the Evil Earth Pig Robe's magic. Hold the DOWN button then press CIRCLE.
The Evil Water Pig Plate!
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: Destroy the Evil Water Pig Plate with the use of the Evil Water Pig Robe's magic. Hold the DOWN button then press CIRCLE.
Capture the Last Evil Pig!
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)

Secondary events Edit

Title AP
Occur Clear
A Red Treasure Chest none 2,000
Occur: Try to open a red treasure chest without the key or get the key from Kainen.
Clear: Open any red treasure chest after acquiring the Red Key from Kainen.
Adventurer's Chest 20,000 5,000
Occur: Examine a adventurer's chest.
Clear: Find all of the adventurer's chests and have the required amount of AP in hand.
Adventurer's Clue 2,000 20,000
Occur: Examine an Adventurer's Chest.
Clear: Open an Adventurer's Chest with enough AP.
Golden Tower 5,000 10,000
Occur: Collect one Pig Nose Panel and place it in one of the slots by the entrance to the Golden Tower.
Clear: Collect all five Pig Nose Panels and place them in the slots by the entrance to the Golden Tower.
Chick from an Egg 2,000 3,000
Occur: Attack one of the eggs on the seesaws in Town of the Fishermen.
Clear: Collect both chicks.
Where is the Bird's Nest? 2,000 5,000
Occur: After the previous event has been cleared.
Clear: Climb the tree behind the first hut which is seen in Town of the Fishermen.
Feed the Chicks 3,000 10,000
Occur: Open the Red Chest high above the first pipe you encounter in Pipe Area; use the same chain you used to pull up the Ice Boomerang to get some height to reach it.
Clear: Return to the same tree in the previous event.
With the Nishiki Bird 10,000 20,000
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
Other Side of the Waterfall 5,000 10,000
Occur: Jump on top of Win's Winmill in Waterfall of Heavens.
Clear: Walk into the doorway in the waterfall in Water Temple.
The Stuck Fishhook Line 1,000 2,000
Occur: Talk to the fisherman next to the waterfall in Waterfall of Heavens.
Clear: Jump upon the cork which is stuck on the roof at the small building between the water channels.
Lost and Found 20,000 5,000
Occur: Clear the previous event.
Clear: Flip all of the seesaw barrels in Town of the Fishermen with your weapon so either the red or the blue side is turned up.
Closed Clamshell 3,000 20,000
Occur: "The Stuck Fishhook Line" and "Lost and Found" Events must be cleared first.
Clear: After acquiring the Mermaid Scale from the fisherman, show it to the mermaid inside the closed clamshell.
The Tiny Mouse's House 2,000 10,000
Occur: Walk up to the small door in Town of the Fishermen.
Clear: Enter the Tiny Mouse's House while in the Minitta State.
Tiny Mouse's Berry Nuts 2,000 20,000
Occur: Talk to the mouse in the right-top corner.
Clear: Collect 100 Berry Nuts for the mice. You will acquire the Minitta Mushroom as a reward.
Annoying Mushroom 1,000 10,000
Occur: Activated after the previous event.
Clear: Give the Spoon the mouse and he will dig it up.
Berry Nuts Harvest 1,000 100,000
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
Let's Make a Pot! 5,000 10,000
Occur: Examine the pot twice in the house on the left side of Coal-Mining Town when you enter from Pipe Area.
Clear: (Instructions)
Lost Clay Spatula! 2,000
Occur: Directly after the event Let's Make a Pot!.
Clear: Walk to the house next door and talk to the blond man after you have activated the event Let's Make a Pot!.
Get Clay from the Mud 2,000 10,000
Occur: Activated after clearing the event Lost Clay Spatula!.
Clear: (Instructions)
What's Inside the Mud? 2,000 10,000
Occur: Collect the Mud Surprise which can be found on a hanging platform near the area where the Ice Boomerang were. In order to get there, the switch beside the air blowing pipe must be pressed with the Hammer.
Clear: Wash the Mud Surprise in the washing machine in the Underground Machine Room .
The Fuel that Burns Well 2,000 10,000
Occur: Open the Red Chest below the platform before the chain that can pull up the Ice Boomerang.
Clear: Give the Power Coal to the worker who is shoveling up coal on the conveyor belt.
Let's Make Dried Fish 2,000 20,000
Occur: Read the sign to the left in the Cafeteria.
Clear: (Instructions)
Cooking with Tomba! 2,000
Occur: Pick up a Big Piece of Meat in the Cafeteria.
Clear: (Instructions)
The Best Hash Potatoes! 2,000 10,000
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
The Cook's Special Menu 2,000 10,000
Occur: Talk to the Cook in the cafeteria in Coal-Mining Town.
Clear: (Instructions)
Trolley Ticket 1,000
Occur: Talk to the man with the bandage in the Tool Shed, the building with three doors to the left when you are entering the Coal-Mining Town from Pipe Area.
Clear: (Instructions)
Quick! The Trolley! 20,000
Occur: Get the Trolley Ticket from the previous event and go to Trolley Stop and talk to the man over there.
Clear: Ride down to the goal in the trolley within 1 minute and 16 seconds.
Make a Light Alloy! 20,000
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
Turbo Trolley 1,000 100,000
Occur: Activated after Quick! The Trolley!
Clear: Finish the same stage, but in 1 minute and 10 seconds instead.
The Laughing Door
Enter the Laughing door in the Laughing State.
The Crying Door 2,000 5,000
Occur: Eat a Crying Fruit.
Clear: Enter the Crying Door in the Crying State.
Strange Fruit
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: The Mystery Mushroom is in a blue treasure chest, behind the Crying Door, at the Ranch Summit.
Normal Fruit
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: The Normal Fruit is in a white treasure chest, behind a Laughing Door, At the Pipe Area, It is exactly located above the Trolley Entrance.
Where's My Son? 10,000
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
Getwell Plant Heals Wounds
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
I'm Thirsty! 5,000
Occur: Talk to the man inside the first building you find in Pipe Aera when you come from Win's windmill.
Clear: Give the thirsty man a bucket of cold water, which can be obtained from the Town of the Fishermen. However; if you bring some warm water for him, he will spit it out in pain.
Oil-Smeared Traveler 10,000
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: Give the oil-smeared traveler something that removes the oil on his body, for example a Meat Sandwich.
Laughing Traveler
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: Give the laughing traveler something that cures his laughing ailment, for example a Hash Potato Sandwich.
Invisible Traveler 10,000
Occur: Talk to the man inside the first encountered house in Circus Town.
Clear: Give the laughing traveler something that cures his laughing ailment, for example a Fish Sandwich.
Starving Traveler
Occur: Talk to the traveler that can be found in the room above the door to Circus Town in Water Temple.
Clear: Give the starving traveler something to eat, for example a Lunchbox or a Sandwich.
Forgotten Rucksack
Occur: Activated after Starving Traveler.
Clear: (Instructions)
Mythical Tower of Courage 10,000 100,000
Occur: Use either the 1/2 Spell of Courage or the Spell of Courage in front of the seemless plain wall in Pipe Area.
Clear: Use the Spell of Courage on the same wall and then enter through the door. (If it's used instead of the 1/2 Spell of Courage, the event will be activated and cleared at the same time.)
Mythical Tower of Strength 10,000 100,000
Occur: Use either the 1/2 Spell of 'Strength or the Spell of 'Strength in front of the wall on the platform in the top-left corner of Kujara Area.
Clear: Use the Spell of Strength on the same wall and then enter through the door. (If it's used instead of the 1/2 Spell of Strength, the event will be activated and cleared at the same time.)
Mythical Tower of Wisdom 10,000 100,000
Occur: Use either the 1/2 Spell of Wisdom or the Spell of Wisdom in front of the wall in Deep Forest that can be found in the far left part of the area, where the rock crab could be found.
Clear: Use the Spell of Wisdom on the same wall and then enter through the door. (If it's used instead of the 1/2 Spell of Wisdom, the event will be activated and cleared at the same time.)
Sea Anemone's Burning Dregs 5,000 10,000
Occur: Toss an enemy into the mouth of the monster beside the platform which had the Ice Boomerang on it. Another one can be found in the same area as the burning chest in the beginning. It doesn't matter which one is defeated first.
Clear: Collect the remains.
Sea Anemone's Ice
Occur: Toss an enemy into the mouth of the monster on the second floor of Kujara Area. Another one can be found in the high above the first floor. The Flying Squirrel Suit is needed, as you will need to climb the tower in hte middle of the ranch to gain some height. It doesn't matter which one is defeated first.
Clear: Collect the remains.
Witch's Concoction
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
Starving Charles 2,000 5,000
Occur: Talk to Charles in a house in Coal-Mining Town.
Clear: Get the bananas under the draw bridge in Pipe Area, cook it in the oven in Underground Machine Room and give Charles the Baked Bananas.
Itchy Charles 3,000 5,000
Occur: Find Charles who is running around in a building in Kujara Summit. Jump on him to talk to him.
Clear: (Instructions)
Wormy Charles
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
Potato Bug Eats Leaves
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
Snow Firefly Nest 10,000
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
Collect Snow Fireflies
Occur: Jump on a Snow Firefly.
Clear: (Instructions)
Too Dark to See!
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
Holy Tree 3,000
Occur: Examine the stone tree in Ranch Area.
Clear: (Instructions)
Fatigue-Curing Spa
Occur: Talk to Kainen in Kujara Summit.
Clear: Bring a bucket of hot water to him from Pipe Area.
A Rare Collection
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
Taboo Fruit
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
The Ultimate Sculpture 2,000
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
Holy Pedestal 2,000
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
Ready Or Not! Here I Come! 2,000
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
Who's the Liar?
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
Escaped Kujara
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
Kujara Washing Shed 2,000
Occur: Talk to the man outside the sculptor's place.
Clear: (Instructions)
Wash the Kujara
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
The Washing Machine Fuse 2,000
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
A Kujara Washing Expert
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
Ghost Sticker 2,000 10,000
Occur: Walk up to a Ghost Sticker.
Clear: (Instructions)
Baron Turned to Stone 3,000 20,000
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
Switch with Donglin
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
Secret of the Aquatic Plant 20,000
Occur: Talk to the mermaid trapped in the giant Water Plant inside the room above the passage leading to Circus Town in the Water Temple.
Clear: Break all the Water Plants in the game with the Grapple.
Unmoving Blessed Priest
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
Collect Ice Candy 10,000
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: Collect 30 pcs of Ice Candy and give it to the man.
Ball to the Pigs 2,000
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: Use the Pig Ball on all the different types of Koma Pigs in the game and give them all to the man in Circus Town.
Tiny Tomba/Mini Tomba 2,000
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)
Nishiki Bird Servants 3,000 20,000
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: Find the new servant of the Mini Temple. Location can be found here.
Precious Ring 5,000
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: (Instructions)

Additional eventsEdit

Title AP
Occur Clear
A Large Flower Seed
Occur: Go down the chimney in Ranch Area and talk to the dwarfs.
Clear: Fetch a seed in Ranch Area and give it to the person next to the planting spot in Circus Town. Get the flower and bring it back to the dwarfs.
Invisible Mirror
Occur: Talk to Mizuno the Witch in Donglin Forest.
Clear: Break an ice block in Kujara Summit, by the Crying door, which contains a mirror. Get the mirror and head back to Mizuno.
Yan of the Hidden Village 20,000
Occur: (Instructions)
Clear: Go in through the Laughing Door and you'll find Yan hiding behind a dark blanket. Talk to him.
100-Year-Old Man 20,000
Occur: Talk to the 100 Year Old Wise Man in the room with the Frowning Door inside the Water Temple.
Clear: Press the jump button when Tomba's in mid-air to make him dive to the bottom of the near end of the water channel leading from the room where the 100 Year Old Wise Man was found. The lost amulet should be found there. Once it is obtained, head back to the 100 Year Old Wise Man.
NOTE: The additional events can be only be unlocked with a save file from Tomba! on the same Memory Card as Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. However; the four events "Hide and Go Seek", "A Lost Child", "The Cute Witch" and "The 100 Year Old Wise Man" must be completed on that file.
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Minggu, 16 Desember 2012

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Special Edition Ps2

Rabu, 04 Januari 2012

Walkthrough Harvest moon a wonderful life special edition ps2

walktrhough harvest moon a wonderfull life

pada hari pertama kamu akan menghabiskan seharian dengan takakura.
selanjutnya kamu akan diajak keliling kampung.
hari pertama:saat ini kamu hanya dapat uang G 3000 kamu harus bisa memikirkan digunakan apa uang tsb.disini terdapat beberapa pilihan:
  1. gunakan seluruh uangmu untuk membeli benih di vesta yaitu belilah benih semua macam pohon(menggunakan alasan ini karena ini adalah tanaman yg paling lama tumbuhnya) masing" 3 kantung dan belilah 7 kantung pupuk dengan ini uang mu tggal tersisa 20
  2. belilah sepasang ayam (untuk mendapatkan kuda)dan belilah 2 kantung pupuk (untuk rumputmu) dengan ini uangmu tersisa1080 dan pada tggl 3 belilah sikat dan pancing tidak usah bingung karena di almari sudah ada 3 benih tomat
pekerjaan menyiram adlah pekerjaan yg plig membosankan karena bxk menyita waktu setelah itu perah sapimu jika cuaca diluar cerah keluarkan sapimu danjangan trlalu lama karena kamu belum memiliki rumput di luar

hari ke dua:perah susu sapimu sirami tanamanmu dan mulailah mengambil hasil hutan sebanyak banyakx karena hari ini van datang,pada hari ini juga kamu harus sudah memulai memilih calon istri,yang paling sulit sih lumina,tetapi mungkin celia atau muffy lebih cantik dan lebih mudah.
setelah menjual barang-baragnmu ke van dan sudah membeli pancing dan sikat,kamu mulailah melakukan pekerjaanmu lagi dirumah mu.
setelah itu tidur

hari ke tiga
:mulailah seperti hari-hari seblumx perah sapi mu,ingat kamu harus memberi makan sapimu 2x sehari.klo dh pergi memancing (kemungkinan kamu akan bangun jam 1-2 pagi)jadi beri makan sapimu dulu dan siram tanamanmu.pergilah menuju airterjun dari rumahmu sebelah kiri memancing lah di san hingga pukul 5 setelah itu perah sapimu setelah itu makan muwgraot di pekarangan mu.pergi menuju calon istrimu.setelah itu kamu usahakan bersahabat dengan ruby (istri tim) ini akan menguntungkan sekali.setelah itu pergilah menuju air terjun mancinglah disana hingga jam 12 pm.setelah itu bekerjalah dipekaranganmu untuk ke dua kalinya perah sapi,siram tanamanmu.setelah itu van akan membuka daganganx di samping penginapan jual barang" yg perlu dijual.setelah itu pergilah tidur

hari ke empat:bekerjalah seperti hari" sebelumx.berikan bunga kepada calon istrimu (kec nami) pergilah memancing dan menambang.jangan lupa makan sapi mu

SUMER: bulan penuh kebahagiaan untuk ternakmu,tetapi nangat merugikan untuk kamu yg mempunyai banyak tanaman.(usahakan jika kamu menyukai celia atau muffy hatinya sudah 4,jika nami atau lumina sudah 2) dan kamu sudah mendapatkan blue feather untuk melamar calon istrimu,dengan cara mengunjungi rumah kurcaci setiap hari.

hari pertama:seperti biasa kmu harus menyudahi pekerjaanmu jam 3/4 sore (sebelum sumer) dengan begitu kamu akan bangun kira"jam 1-2.maka pergilah memancing setelah kamu menyiram tanamanmu,dimungkinkan kamu dapat kuda dari takakura pada musim ini setelah kamu membeli sepasang ayam dari takakura.

(kuda dari takakura)

:musim yang paling ditunggu setiap pemain HM karena banyak sekali hasil hutan yg dapat dipanen,sangking banyakx dimungkinkan pada hari pertama kamu tdak bisa menambang,dan ubahlah situs pemancinganmu yg biasanya di airterjun sekarang berada dialiran sungai tepat dibawah jembatan.

winter:musim dingin terkait dengan salju usahakan pada musim terakhir pada tahun pertama ini kamu sudah memiliki 20 petak rumput atau lebih,rajin"lah memancing (saya pada tahun pertama mengumpulkan uang G,56400)

rahasia harvest moon:a wonderfull life part 2

dipermainan ini banyak sekali yang namanya rahasia

  • cara mendapat anak cewek:kamu pergi kerumah harvest sprite dan di sana terdapat gentong/guci bicaralah terhadap guci tsb sampai 100x setelah itu gentong itu akan berbicara"you're winner" dan kamu berbicaralah kepada salah satu peri harvest dan dia akan menawarkan kamu ingin memiliki anak perempuan atau laki2,jika kamu memilih anak laki2 itu percuma karena walaupun kamu tidak menggunakan cara ini kamu juga akan mendapat mendapat anak laki2 maka kamu harus memilih anak perempuan
  • jika kamu bersahabat dengan semua orang dan memberinya benda2 kesukaannya suatu hari kamu akan mendapat event di kolam tempat kediaman peri harvest dan kamu akan mendapat burung hantu
  • jika kamu bersahabat dengan vesta dan marlin suatu hari ia akan memberimu rakun memang peliharaan ini terlihat sangat tidak penting tapi binatang ini sangat lucu >-<
  • jika kamu bersahabat dengan cody pada suatu hari saat kamu memancing di kolam kura-kura kamu akan mendapat event tentang dirimu yang jatuh kekolam dan cody menolongmu dengan bantuan scraf milik kura-kura dan cody memberitahu bahwa kamu boleh memiliki kura-kura tsb
  • jika kamu bersahabat dg mukumuku maka ia akan memberimu seekor kadal yang salah satu kakinya diperban

  • tulisan di belakang bangku:jika kamu perhatikan dibelakang bangku di pinggir sungai kamu akan menemukan tulisan
  • ini adalah titik dimana kamu dapat mendapatkan ikan sharshark

  • dan di dekat air terjun ini adalah tempat paling pas buat mancing karena di tempat ini tidak ada ikan yang merugikan (colombo,snelt)

  • setelah kau mendapat kuda beberapa musim setelah kudamu tidak lagi ceria (tidak mengeluarkan hati saat di sayang)untuk itu berilah kudamu apel setiap hari
  • jika kamu memiliki sapi star jangan mengubah susu sapi itu menjadi keju itu akan membuatmu rugi besar
  • pada hari pertama sebaiknya kamu membeli 2 kantung benih pisang dan2 kantung 4 pupuk setelah kamu menanam benih pisang berilah pupuk dan 2 kantung yang lain gunakan sebagai rumput buat pakan ternakmu
  • jangan sekalikali menggunakan pupuk untuktanaman sekali panen itu membuatmu rugi besar
  • pada tanggal 3 winter tahun pertama sapimu sudah tidak produktif menghasilkan susu sebaiknya pada tanggal itu kamu meminta takakura membeli miracle potion
  • jika kamu berbicara pada anakmu saat awal chapter ke 2 dia akan memintamu untuk "daddy pick up me" lakukan dan lontarkan dia setelah itu turunkan bicaralah lagi dan dia terus menerus meminta kamu untuk melakukan hal itu terus menerus
  • saat spring adalah musim yg penuh dengan bunga,sebaiknya musim ini digunakan sebagai musim pupuk karena jika kamu membeli fertilizer maker bunga adalah benda yg paling cocok untuk membuat pupuk
  • awal tahun pertama adalah tahun yg menentukan keberhasilanmu jangan sampai kau :tidak menikah,ingin keluar dari desa,tidak membeli ayan betina,membeli pancingan,dan memberi hadiah kepada nina
  • di tahun ke 2 ada beberapa perubahan,tetanggamu nina telah tiada dan kamu juga akan memiliki tetangga baru :dr.hardy,keluarga grant,dan pindahnya rumah galen
  • jika kamu menuju pantai disana ada sebuah perahu kecil dan disana ada sebuah tulisan

cara dapet istri cepet di harvest moon a wonderfull life

Nami. Cewe jutek berambut merah yang sering berjalan-jalan ini tinggal di penginapan Tim & Ruby. Aku sebut cewe jutek karna tampangnya cemberut terus dan tiap kali disapa, jawabannya selalu ketus.
Nami adalah satu dari 4 gadis yang bisa dinikahi. Untuk menarik perhatiannya, berilah barang2 kesukaannya: bunga blue trick (jangan kasih bunga lain, karna akan diejek !), Patung kuda, Patung orang & Tengkorak yang bisa diperoleh ditempat penggalian deket air terjun.
Muffy. Gadis berambut panjang dan pirang ini tinggal di Blue bar, rumah sesudah penginapan milik Tim. Ia juga dapat dinikahi ini adalah gadis pertama yang sangat mudah uttuk dinikahi . Kesukaannya: bunga (apa saja), susu, koin (dari lahan penggalian) dan permata (dari lahan penggalian, di permainan disebut ore).

Lumina. Cucu dari nenek Romana ini juga salah satu yang bisa dinikahi. Setiap jam 10 pagi ia akan main piano di villa-nya.
Kesukaan: bunga & permata
Lumina sangat senang ngobrol. Sekali diajak bicara, maka waktu kita akan tersita cukup banyak. Diantara 4 gadis yg bisa dijadikan istri, Lumina-lah yang paling muda.

Celia. Nah, ini juga bisa jadi calon istri. Ia tinggal di pertanian Vesta, tempat kita membeli bibit / benih.dia adalah gadis ke dua paling mudah untuk dinikahi
Kesukaan: bunga, telur, koin, permata, buah, sayuran.

rahasia harvest moon:a wonderfull life

Takakura. Teman ayahmu ini menyukai masakan rumah. Suatu hari nanti, jika kita sering memberinya masakan rumah, maka Takakura akan memperkenalkan kita pada Tartan, sebuah tanaman yang dapat berbicara.
Tartan dapat membantu kita membuat benih dari sayuran, buah-buahan maupun umbi-umbian. Bukan hanya itu, tapi Tartan dapat membuat benih baru hasil campuran dari beberapa benih dasar. Hasilnya adalah sebuah benih tanaman yang belum pernah ada sebelumnya.
Tim. Ia adalah pemilik penginapan, tetangga yang paling dekat dengan rumah kita. Kesukaannya: ikan dan sayur-sayuran. Hadiah yang akan diberikan: Cangkul aneh.

Ruby. Istri Tim. Jago masak dan memiliki bumbu masakan yang akan diberikan pada kita suatu hari nanti, jika kita sering mengunjunginya dan memberinya salah satu kesukaannya: bunga, susu, mentega, permata, masakan rumah.
Bumbu spesial milik Ruby ini akan sangat kita butuhkan untuk mengembangkan masakan kita.
Ruby selalu ada didapurnya untuk memasak setiap jam 2 siang, dan berada di pekarangannya sebelum jam tersebut.

vesta.orang yang mungkin separuh kehidupannya bekerja diladang,jika kamu sering memberinya hadiah dia akan memberimu sebuah cangkul,kesukaan:susu

marlin.saudara vesta dan mungkin ada jalur saudara dengan celia ini terkadang membuatmu kesal karena orang ini sangat anti dengan siapa saja yang berani mendekati celia"kesukaan:buah atau sayur yang berasal dari kebunmu sendiri,hadiah:rakun,piringan(ketika berada disekitar air terjun)

griffin:orang yang bekerja di bar ini terlihat selalu bahagia,kesukaan:ikan,telur mas,hadiah:piringan

wally:mantan pelari marathon,atlet ini mudah kamu temui di sekitar desa,ia adalah suami chris dan ayah hugh,kesukaan:telur,susu,hadiah:pencukur wool elektrik

chris:karakter ini sepertinya karakter sekunder karena jarang ditemui,tapi kamu bisa menemuinya pagi hari saat ia bekerja,kesukaan:bunga,susu,buah,hadiah:piringan(saat ia berada di dapur)

romana:wanita tua yang juga pemilik vila,jika kamu baik hati maka ia akan memberimu 3 macam hadiah dan kamu juga hrus sering menyapanya ,kesukaan:bunga,koin emas,susu,buah
,hadiah:emprat,partitur musik,kucing

daryl:orang liar gila-gilaan ini adl seorang ilmuwan yg tinggal di pinggir desa dia terkadang terlihat berkeliaran saat malam saat siang dia malah menghabiskan waktunya untuk tidur seharian ,kesukaan:huge snelt,dan ikan snelt lainnya ,hadiah:seed maker(awal tahun ke 2)

cody:pria berwajah sangar ini ternyata sangat berbeda dengan isi hatinya ia sangat lembut dia bekerja sebagai seniman logam ,kesukaan:bunga,telur,fosil,permata ,hadiah:sabit merah patung logam

gustafa:pujangga pengelana ini banyak menciptakanmusik,ia sangat ramah dan terkadang bermain musik dibelakang penginapan ,kesukaan:bunga,koin,patung,masakan kari ,hadiah:gendang kecil

carter:seorang ahli arkeolog yg bertanggung jawab atas situs pnggalian disekitar air terjun,ini adalah karakter tersulit untuk mendapatkan hatinya pertama kamu harus bekerja disitus penggalian setiap hari (kec tgl2&8) kedua kamu harus memberinya masakan rumah atau susu setiap hari ketiga kamu harus melengkapi tablet yang hanya bisa di temukan di penggalian tsb jumlahnya 6 (tapi kamu hanya menemukan sekali setiap tahunnya) kempat kamu harus menggali setiap kotak yg tersedia di penggalian
hadiah:cihuahua(anjing kecil)

:dia adalah partner carter dan tinggal bersama di sebelah airterjun ,kesukaan:ikan,keju,fosil,patung ,hadiah:kalung

mukumuku:makhluk putih terlihat seperti yeti berkeliaran di sekitar danau dekat air terjun selama musim dingin ,kesukaan:bunga,ikan,telur ,hadiah:kadal,piringan

Grant. Bersama istri dan anaknya baru akan muncul di tahun kedua.
Ia berangkat pagi-pagi sekali dan baru pulang malam hari. Usahakan untuk bercakap2 dengannya karena ia akan memberikan weker pada kita yang sangat berguna untuk mengatur istirahat kita.
Grant menyukai susu, telur dan ikan.
O iya, penampilan Grant adalah berkacamata, memakai setelah kantor; kemeja putih, dasi dan celana panjang hitam.

Dokter Hardy. Penampilannya tidak seperti dokter ! Ha ha ha…
Kalau kalian menemukan tokoh memakai celana pendek garis, dengan rambut mohawk dan bermata satu, nah… itulah pak dokter kita !
Di tahun kedua, dokter ini akan menempati rumah dekat Blue bar. Datanglah mengunjunginya untuk menanyakan tips kesehatan. Ingat, dengan kesibukan kita mengurus perkebunan dan bersosialisasi, kadang kita lupa memeriksa kesehatan kita.
Dokter Hardy akan memberikan perkakas kepada kita jika kita sering memberinya barang kesukaannya, yaitu: Ikan, koin, & fosil.

Galen. Kakek ini menyukai ikan, sayuran dan buah-buahan.untuk mendapatkan hadiah saat tahun ke 2 galen akan pindah rumah di dekat sungai pada jam 11 am kamu berjalan di dekat rumahnya dan akan ada event setelah event tersebut masuklah kerumahnya dan bercakaplah dengan galen maka dia akan memberimu sebuah pancingan